Andreas Hedberg – Grow | For piano and strings

Grow is the single, and one of twelve songs from the upcoming album Pieces, that will be released 20 February.
Music for piano and strings (string quartet).

Actors: Ivar Ränk (boy), Henrik Stålhandske (father), Pernilla Parszyk (woman), Johan Klarbrant (man), Gabriel Karlsson (friend to boy), Åse Larsson (mother), Andreas Hedberg (psychologist).

Story, Screenplay and Directed by Carola A Hedberg.
Photo and Editing by Anton Näslund.
Produced by Andreas Hedberg.

Special thanks to Lollo Frimore.

Piano performed by Ludvig Lundgren.
Strings performed by the string quartet Corda.

Music by Andreas Hedberg.
Piano arranged by Andreas Hedberg & Ludvig Lundgren.
Strings arranged by Nils-Petter Ankarblom.

Engineered by Anders Pantzer, Sound Trade Studios.
Mixed by Bernard Löhr, Mono Music Studio.
Mastering by Björn Engelmann, Cutting Room.

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