Pieces in Concert

S:ta Clara Kyrka in Stockholm, Sweden

6:00 PM

PIECES IN CONCERT - for piano, string quartet and vocals.

Pieces by Andreas Hedberg – for piano 6 string quartet. This time also with vocals by Karolina Midböe, and lyrics based on poems by Viktor Rydberg at four of the songs. Viktor Rydberg was buried in St. Clara Church in 1895. This year it is 120 years ago. We honor him by performing four of the song from Pieces with vocals and text from Viktor Rydbergs poems “Ur Nattomhöljda tider”, “Skogsrået”, “En blomma” and “Vinst och Förlust”.


The music will be performed by Karolina Midböe (vocals), Gustaf Henriksson (piano), Katarina Gudmundsson (violin I), Erling Weibust (violin II), Anna-Carin Löfstedt (viola) and Michal Pajewski (cello).

Lina & Gustaf gruppbild sv

Gruppbild violin I & violin II

Gruppbild viola & cello

Music by Andreas Hedberg
Piano arranged by Andreas Hedberg & Ludvig Lundgren
Strings arranged by Nils-Petter Ankarblom.

Duration 40 minutes. Free entrance. Very welcome!

Saint Clara Church

Special thanks to Andreas Hedberg, Philosophy doctor in literature at the University of Uppsala, for the proposed text by Viktor Rydberg, for the music pieces Harvest (“Vinst och förlust”) and Midsummer (“Skogsrået”). Andreas Hedberg did the thesis “En strid för det som borde vara”, also published as a book.

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S:ta Clara Kyrka in Stockholm, Sweden